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Ready to Learn and Play is a sensory regulation framework that has been developed by Occupational Therapists.  This distinctive program focuses on the sensory processing piece of the self-regulation process using a hands on participative approach to learning.

Ready to Learn and Play is unique in that it teaches individuals about the sensory systems of the body and how various activities activate receptors for those systems in a concrete way.  It highlights the importance of utilizing sensory strategies from multiple sensory systems simultaneously in order to produce the most regulatory benefit for the individual.

By utilizing concrete visuals, Ready to Learn and Play facilitates the understanding of the abstract concept of sensory regulation.  The framework is broken down into four phases of learning.  Each phase has a specific set of goals targeted with rubrics to monitor progress.  Each phase builds upon the previous until sensory regulation is mastered by learners of a wide range of ages and ability level.

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M.C. re-categorizing sensory choice card
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Phase I: Sensory Experience
  • Exploration of sensory input
  • Coaching for categorization
  • Significance to generalization

Phase II: Sensory Choices
  • Identifying what works for each individual learner
  • Scattered Actions and how to address them
  • Understanding the difference between using sensory input  to facilitate regulation and just participating in sensory activity

Phase III: Generalization
  • Generalization of sensory regulation to various instructors
  • Generalization of sensory regulation to various environments
Phase IV: Application
  • Individualized to the unique needs of the learner
  • Consultation with the instructor continues, incorporating coaching and training to support the learner
  • Ongoing process
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